Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977
25th Year Reunion

June 15, 2002, Schiller Park in Chicago, IL

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(Photos courtesy of Karen Slauenwhite. Click on photo for larger version.)

Anticipation sets in as the sack race begins...

...and they're off...

...or not! Who's idea was it to use plastic Hefty bags in place of real sacks anyway?

Tish and Mona with Karen and her mom.

Reunited childhood bestfriends Karen and Mona.

Janice and Big George

Karen is all smiles!

The Moore Family!

Mrs. Slauenwhites and the dogs.

Lane's A is pinned on by Peg.

Lisa P. receives an A for, er, posting on the boards, repeatedly.

Tish the dish!

Dancy receives a big hug from Peg.

Mona is delighted to get her A!

Ely smiles proudly, displaying us her A.

Karen G. and Vicki receive their A's.

Jim F. arrives just in time!

Jim is greeted by Rick as the Friedrichs watch.

The (losing) Girls' Team!

Trivia Challenge emcees Ely and Jim.

Da (winning) Boys' Team!
Audubon Class of '77

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