Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977
25th Year Reunion

June 15, 2002, Schiller Park in Chicago, IL

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(All photos [and captions!] courtesy of Jim Demas. Click on photo for larger version.)


The girls with Mona's babies.

Steve and Ed

Jack and Oz

Photo op for Steve with the ladies!

Vivian leads the table dancing!

Brenda and Karen doing YMCA!

Andy dancing on the tables!

Jim F., Janice, & Audubon Mom.

Janice and Anette sing!

Karen and Janice getting down!

Mr. Karaoke

Da Man shaking with Sandy!

Peggy shaking what her Momma gave her!

Ely movin' it on the dance floor!

Mary does the hair toss!

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