Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977
25th Year Reunion

June 15, 2002, Schiller Park in Chicago, IL

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(Photos courtesy of Dancy. Click on photo for larger version.)

Randa and Mona

Randa and Viv eagerly hug each other!

Randa and Vivian

Cindy and Linda

Sheila and Andy

Viv and Dancy

Linda, Cindy with Tristan, Mary with Jamie, and Ed

"Move it or lose it!"

Rick plays jumprope with the girls!

Luis shows why he should've gotten an A for his 80's ensemble.

Viv triumphs over going potty in the wilderness!

"Wow, Lisa, you should take a look at this!"

Lisa P. autographs Viv's shirt.

Sandy and Janice take turns riding Jack!

Dancy poses with Ms. Taylor and Ms. Miller.

Ed juggles a mike, a camera, and his G&T.

The teachers amidst the former students.

Dancy with the Trivia Callenge hosts Jim and Ely.

Mary and Viv confer on the answer to the next Trivia Challenge question.

Rick attempts to distract Viv by blocking her view.

Brenda Schrader "now", with Frank Munoz.

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