Audubon Elementary School Class of 1977
25th Year Reunion

June 15, 2002, Schiller Park in Chicago, IL

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(All photos courtesy of Ed. Click on photo for larger version.)

Kelly and Regis host the '77 Trivia Challenge!

The Guys against...

...The Blondes !

"Can you repeat that question please?"

Jeepers creepers, Brenda, where did you get them peepers?"

"Brenda, no honey, not that color lipstick with those glasses!"

"Bring it on..."

"...wait I have to take this call."

Federici, the lone male survivor!

The beginning of the end for the Blonde Empire!

The first group of Blondes (aka the Losers!) dance to "YMCA"!

Lynda (second from right) does the cramp!

Lynda and Sandy get the groove on!

Viv, in her Mariah Carey-inspired ensemble, and Janice lead the second group of blondes.

Watch out Sister Sledge!

"Gee, is anybody watching us you think?"

"Go Karen, Go Lisa..."

"Go, Mary, Go!!!"

"Girl, whatcha doin'?"

"Y, Y, Y me?"

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